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Aol Tech Support

Aol Tech Support

aol tech support

If you are an AOL mail user, then there are chances that you have experienced some kind of technical disturbances. Facing issues with technology is very common. However, to have a sustained experience using AOL mail, the following AOL tech support might be useful to many. We have gathered some common issues and solutions to various problems which AOL users generally face.

AOL tech support phone number

Automated sent emails

  • This generally happens when you find emails in your sent folder which you did not send.
  • Check for the privacy of your account.
  • Delete your old password and create a new password because this is a sign of your account being hacked by someone else.
  • Contact AOL tech support phone number in order to get further assistance.

AOL not sending emails

  • Try restarting your computer as it will clear up some of the random access memory, or RAM.
  • Check for a proper internet connection.
  • Clear the cache and cookies of your browser, and try using a different browser from the first one.
  • If you have any software which blocks pop-ups, disable at for a while when you need to send emails with AOL.
  • Disable firewall temporarily.

AOL not receiving emails

  • Check for a proper internet connection and see if you have modified your settings. Reset your settings to the general ones.
  • Block any software that you have downloaded on your device for blocking pop up ads.
  • If the protected mode of your internet connection is on, turn it off for a while and try to reload your account to get emails. This can be done by going to ‘Tools’ in your browser and changing the settings under the ‘Security’ tab.
  • AOL tech support also includes using AOL basic mail which will allow you to have a simple interface, which is going to smoother out all your performance.

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